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Filling lives with the Natural Beauty of Gemstones!

Filling lives with the Natural Beauty of Gemstones!

We are a Mom and 2 son team working together to sell amazing gemstones pieces, gemstone jewelry, and custom engraving. We believe that Gems are the flowers of the mineral world and are beautiful creations that grow deep within the earth. Just admiring their beauty can help one’s mood to be more positive.

We believe gemstones are just another tool God gave us to live our best life as part of his creation. Gemstones are also used the geometry that God gave them to amplify energy. That is embraced by science and the medical communities in telescopes, medical equipment, and even Quartz watches.

With that being said, we do believe that doctors and medications have a place in the healing process, and we do advise people to follow their doctor’s recommendations. What we are saying is that gemstones are another tool we can use to help our current situation or doctor’s guidance in the healing process. We believe that God put these beautiful healing tools on this planet for humans to discover and implement in our day to day lives for the good of all.

We believe that gemstones have properties that can be used as tools to help in healing our physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual states to live a healthy life. We believe that the energy centers of our bodies are tied to certain emotions and organs, and using gemstone for their healing properties can help in the healing process. Just remember these are tools that are meant to HELP not Completely heal.

Are you looking for a favorite gemstone that you would like to have on your shelf in your house or to wear? Please take a look at our catalog to find a gem that suits your needs, wants, or make you happy by their pure beauty. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PowerGemz /> 

Note: These gemstones should not be used casually, and if misused, they may reinforce our illness. We do believe is that we are all created differently while somethings work for us may not work for you, but it doesn’t mean they don’t work. INo federal agencies endorse or support any of these claims or beliefs. We do not guarantee any claims of benefit from the crystals we sell. We can only guarantee the size and quality of products. There may be some variance due to hand-made natural products.

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